Project 1 Flier



Black and white promotional flier for a Leadership Conference for Graduates


I first started the process with sketches to get a better idea of what I wanted the flier to look like and the format. I then digitized the sketches using Adobe InDesign. I used alignment by aligning a lot of the text with one another as well as the black text boxes and squares. The Squares (especially the small gray ones) used also creates a good sense of repetition. I emphasized the word “Leadership” to attract the viewers attention and help get the message across better of what the conference is focusing on.


The message is for graduates or recent graduates who want to become better leaders and learn better leadership skills to help them in their future career.


Graduating Seniors or recent graduates

Top Thing Learned:

I learned the importance of alignment

Title Font Name & Category:


Copy Font Name & Category:


Links to images used in this project:


One thought on “Project 1 Flier

  1. Hi Jen! I really like your flyer. I think you did a great job with the text alignment; getting it to look that even without actually right-justifying it is not easy; I know from experience. I like your repetitive elements–the squares, the horizontal lines, and even the black color that is in your lines and the Vouant logo. I also like the modern typeface you used for your heading. Your use of white space is nice; it makes the page feel open and uncluttered. If you have time you are welcome to check out my assignment at https://nikkalablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/project-1-flier/ . I apologize; I didn’t learn how to reverse my YouTube video to make the flyer appear the right way until today.


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