P3 Activity: Photography

Light 1-Outside
Light 2-Inside
Focus 1-Foreground
Focus 2-Background
Composition 1-Thirds
Composition 2-Lead Room

I was really excited for this assignment, but also really intimidated because although I love taking pictures and take a lot of them, I take them all on my phone and so these settings on the camera (which I borrowed) were completely new to me. I really struggled with how to get the background and foreground images, but after many pictures I finally figured it out by focusing on the fence up close to get the clear foreground image and then using my spot focus on the wooded background to get the clear background image.

From the videos that I watched this week and the information in the reading all of those example images were so bright and beautiful and so when I went outside to take my pictures I was a little bummed because where I live we don’t have beautiful mountains in the background and honestly this is not a very pretty time of year and everything looks pretty drab and dreary.  I decided to go down to the lake by my house and let my kids play around while I snapped pictures. The sun was setting creating great lighting and I had a great time practicing the rule of thirds and leading with my children and got some great shots. Combining these photos with the adjustments from Photoshop was a great way to bring out the beautiful colors that I wanted.


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