Project 5: Logos


Description: Logo design for an individual.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I first wrote out the title of my organization in Adobe Illustrator and created the text to outlines so that I could manipulate the letters and see if I liked anything. I wanted the logo to be simple and look good big or small and on a variety of items (business cards, website, shirt, etc.). I then took my different logo designs and asked friends to vote on which one that they liked best. The vote came back very strongly in the favor of the final logo. On my final logo I added two circles above the “m” to signify and mother and child holding hands. At first the message was unclear and so I used the tools in Pathfinder to divide my “M” in half and lower the right side to make it look smaller like a child and that worked good.

Message: Mom really make a huge difference in the lives of their children.

Audience: Mothers

Top Thing Learned: I learned about and now better understand the different tools in Pathfinder. Trim was a very helpful tool to work with.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Complementary color scheme: red (pink) and Green (light)

Title Font Name & Category: Bangla MN (Sans-Serif-Modern)

Body Font Name & Category: Bembo Book MT Pro (Old-Style)


2 thoughts on “Project 5: Logos

  1. Jennifer, you really created something memorable here. The ‘M’ certainly conveys the image you were going for of a mother and a child, but even more, it helps solidify your message by demonstrating a loving connection between the mother and child. The logo looks good in all three environments, and I agree with you that the ‘M’ is uniquely recognizable enough that it could be used alone.

    Here is a link to KamiAnne Dastrup’s logo that I think was also quite successful:


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