Project 6: Stationary


Description: Create a stationary and correlating business card with a new logo for a company.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I created the logo in Adobe Illustrator using different sized circles and using the Pathway tool to unite the circles I was able to create different sizes and shapes of popcorn kernals. I found a fun bold sans-serif font for the word “popcorn” and changed it to outlines and ungrouped the word so that I was manually able to manipulate each letter to resemble popcorn popping.  I placed the final logo in the top right corner of both the business card and stationary to be consistent.

On the business card I used a size 12pt for the contact name and 8pt for the contact information. The contact information on both the business card and stationary are in the same order to create consistency.

On the stationary I enlarged the popcorn pieces and created a fun watermark by changing the opacity to 8%. The red line at the top is consistent with the red line on the business card.

Message: The logo designed is for a food truck family business that sells different kinds of popcorn. The logo is consistent with the company’s family friendly and fun environment.

Audience: Anyone who is interested in some good popcorn to snack on.

Top Thing Learned: How to use repetition throughout the business card and stationary to bring everything together.

Color scheme and color names: Primary colors- red and yellow

Title Font Name & Category: Hoefler-Serif & Ariel Black-Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Ariel-Sans Serif


2 thoughts on “Project 6: Stationary

  1. I thought it turned out great! I really like the variety of popcorn sizes on each one, it makes it fun and the message is clear. I really like the logo, it’s fun and creative! I like how simple it is as well. Business card is great and would definitely get your message across loud and clear. Great job, looks really nice!

    Check out Ali’s blog:

    Here is mine:


  2. Great job on the stationary. I really like the semi transparent popcorn on the background of the page, almost like a watermark (a tasty one at that!). It is very simple and clear yet professional. I like the idea for your business cards as well. I think I’d want to see the objects closer together for the back side, but both sides look good to me. I’d be interested to see the memos that would go out with that kind of stationary.

    Here’s a link to another classmate’s blog post.


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